What’s INNcredible for 2019/20?

Hey, what’s happening? That's INNcredible! Can I come? You bet.

INNcredible things are lining up and you’re invited. We’re setting sail for Mexico November 20, 2019 down the Pacific coast of the Baja, around Land’s End, and up the Sea of Cortez to La Paz. Then we’re settling in for a season of exploring the Sea of Cortez again.

Then, settled into our gorgeous Marina Costa Baja by 12/10/2019, the INNcredible Sea Lodge will be ready to begin its explorations and adventures in the Sea of Cortez using La Paz as base camp. So plan your trip for anytime starting December 15 and beyond. Think 5 days, a week, 10 days or more – it’s all good and we can customize the itinerary just for you. The longer you stay the farther we can reach out into the many anchorages and islands of the Sea of Cortez. We can even mix it up with days out sailing and at anchor in gorgeous remote places with hanging out dockside so you can explore the action and sights of La Paz. An ideal plan is to add a couple days on your trip to do some land adventures too.

Think Christmas Holidays for a family adventure. We're not booked yet (as of 9/22/19) so pick your dates - book 7 days and I'll give you 8, book 10 days and you'll get 12 days (and combine fun on the water and on land).

But unlike big charter companies where everything is canned and set, we’re all about fresh and custom to create an experience that works for you in every way. No matter what time you arrive your cabins will be ready for you. And if on your departure day plans you don’t leave until late, no problem, relax in the marina, maybe even go out in the morning for some whale shark watching. You get the idea, anything is possible with a little planning.Go to Contact Us (email use brianbearfitz@gmail.com) or text 530-651-3890 to request your desired dates. We can accommodate up to 6 folks very comfortably within the three private cabins each with private bathroom. Family, friends or exclusively just for you, that's your choice.

Even though the islands and anchorages within reach of La Paz are many and fantastic, come end of January we are moving the INNcredible Sea Lodge up to Loreto so we can expand our exploring grounds to the islands and wonders that abound up there. So a very exciting trip will be the run up from La Paz to Loreto. Leaving La Paz by January 30, 2020, giving us ample time to explore, fish, dive or snorkel and anchor out in 6 new places before arriving in Loreto on February 10, 2020. Then explore Loreto and either fly home from Loreto or head back to La Paz or Cabo San Jose/San Lucas on your own.

Then we have the month of February and March starting 2/13/2020 for you to book your adventure in and out of Loreto. Known for its abundance of wintering whales, many islands, we’re looking forward to our time around Loreto (now our second season and we've fallen in love with the Loreto area and its people).

Possible Wild Card for 2020!! Nothing confirmed yet but we may set sail for Mazatlan and beyond in mid-January jsut to mix things up this year and return at February's end to Loreto. If that sounds of interest to you let us know for that might tip our scales in that direction

Then the Big Adventure(s) start , the long journey home. Leaving by mid to late April 2020 the 10 day adventure from Loreto to Cabo San Jose/San Lucas will be the whole enchilada as far as covering the best of the best anchorages on the downhill sailing run through the Sea of Cortez. You don’t have to book the whole boat, just two per cabin or one per cabin if you so chose. Hop off in Cabo San Jose/San Lucas for a fly home. Even though this leg is already booked, text me if you're interested just in case 530-651-3890.

Or become a crew member from Cabo San/Jose/San Lucas for the Baja Bash around Land’s End and up the west coast of Baja California all the way to LA Harbor. Get some sea legs under your hat and build that ocean cruising log book of yours. Crew members for the bash earn their way and enjoy a private cabin with all onboard meals included. Text me at 530-651-3890 if you're able to join me for the 'Running withe the Whales' aka 'The Bash'.

There you have it, so many opportunities to hop/hop off the INNcredible Sea lodge in its journeys down, through the Sea of Cortez and back. As you see I don’t have a fancy calendar that you can search your dates and instant availability and make your reservations right here and now. I could do that but I’m only one boat and you will pay dearly when you charter on a site like that. So forgive me but I’m just going to focus on delivering you a fresh, organic , great value vacation/adventure made to order just for you. So a little bit of up front communicating back and forth and you will have a one-of-a-kind catamaran adventure of your lifetime. Go to CONTACT US and start the process with inquiring for the dates you’d like to build your adventure around. You can have three cabins that hold up to six people each with private bath. The pricing is too good and embarrassing to post so we’ll cover that right away once you contact me. When you’ve selected your dates then we’ll get down to all the particulars.

We now have a Delorme InReach Explorer onboard and you can follow us as we journey along on Twitter or text me at 530-651-3890 and give me your name, text number and/or email brianbearfitz@gmail.com and I'll sign you up for InReach updates.

I’m excited with every new adventure,

Brian Fitzpatrick Skipper