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Now after 7 years that Maiden Voyage is so behind us that our BLOG archive is the best way to absorb some of the experiences gained during that year long voyage to the Americas.

Since our arrival in California in June 2013, the INNcredible Sea Lodge ventured up the coast to San Francisco to participate in the Americas Cup. Oracle leased her for their VIP viewing vessel during the event. When over we had the excitment to explore the Bay throughout the glorious month of October. But with the water temperature so cold that swimming what out of the question even at whatj would be the warmest time of the year, I decided to retreat south in search of water 70 degrees or better.

That search took us down the Pacific Coast of Baja and up into the Sea of Cortez where we found what we were looking for exploring the islands and coastal villages from La Paz to Loreto. Statrting in November of 2013 and continuing through today the INNcredible Sea Lodge with me at the helm makes the 1200 mile migration every November and returns by early May back to San Pedro/LA Harbor for the summer. That annual movement creates an endless amount of opportunities to join us aboard the ISL either in Mexico's Sea of Cortez from December through April or Exploring SoCal's channel Islands especially Catalina from June through October.

And for the sailors amongst you the opportunities to get your foulies on and meet the Pacific Ocean in all her glory, the annual commute, both the Downhill Run in late November and the Run and Duck (aka The Bash) back in late April may be just what your level of adventure is calling for.

Turn your dreams into realities. Imagine your trip with your family or friends. Plan some dates and venues. And contact me so we can work everything out in an adventure and experience that will last a lifetime.

The following is the original posting of the INNcredible Journey just for archival purposes. You can further enjoy that entire Journey by going to my Blog and go retro to the beginning around June 2012 and enjoy the highlights from the entire Journey. And the Blog is a great way to stay in touch with what's happening at present too. Enjoy our INNcredible Journey from the comfort of your chair at home and pack your duffle and come sail away with us right now - opportunities await onboard the INNcredible Sea Lodge.

Maiden Voyage Calendar

Peruse below the different legs that may have one, two or three cabins available each with private bath and shower accommodating two per cabin. I’ve added no flowery descriptions to each leg and suggest you Google each area and do a little virtual exploring to familiarize yourself with the geography and to see how each tourist board promotes itself. No sailing experience is required as you won’t be called upon to participate as crew but for those who care to we’ll fit you right in with your turns at the helm. I’ve assigned enough days to each leg to minimize the distance necessary to travel so we will average 6-8 hours sailing. We may at times  be afforded the flexibility to stay two nights in one location if we opt to catch up with a longer sail in between (an overnight sail as you sleep is possible too). I’ve assigned an adventure rating scaling each leg with *, **, *** with *** being the most adventurous for many reasons. We can talk about those details later.

12/20 to 01/02 St. Lucia Loop North *

Fly in and out of St. Lucia. Sail and explore St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe and maybe more depending on how adventurous my mates (guests) on board want to be – the steamy Montserrat could be within reach.

01/03/ to 01/24 St.Lucia to Grenada *(SOLD OUT)

Fly into St. Lucia, fly out of Grenada. Sail and explore St. Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and maybe Tobago.

01/25 to 02/09 Grenada to the Dutch ABCs **

Fly into Grenada and fly out of the ABCs. Come early to explore Grenada. Then sail and explore with us from Grenada through the islands off Venezuela to the Dutch ABCs

02/10 to 02/24 ABCs to San Blas Islands**

Fly into ABCs and fly out of Panama City. Sail and explore the ABCs, then sail off to the San Blas Islands of the Kuna Indians. Fly from Provenir (a San Blas Island) to Panama City. Plan to spend an extra couple days visiting Panama City and the Canal.


02/25 to 03/07 San Blas Islands through the Canal and beyond.*

Fly in and out of Panama City. Fly from Panama City to Provenir in the San Blas. Sail and explore the San Blas Islands, then transit the Panama Canal, see Panama City and sail up the Pacific west coast of Panama a bit.

03/09 to 03/19 The Pacific coast of Panama into Costa Rica**

Fly into Panama City and fly out of Costa Rica. Hop on along the Panamanian coast and sail and explore the Pacific coasts of Panama and Costa Rica.

03/20 to 03/31 The Pacific coast of Costa Rica to El Salvador**

Fly into San Jose, Costa Rica and venture out to the coast to hop on and sail and explore the coasts of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Fly out of San Salvador.

04/01 to 04/11 The Pacific coast of El Salvador to Acapulco Mexico**

Fly into San Salvador and fly out of Acapulco. Hop on along the Pacific coast of El Salvador and sail and explore El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and lower Mexico.

04/12 to 04/23 Acapulco, Mexico to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico**

Fly into Acapulco and fly out of Puerto Vallarta. Sail and explore the Pacific coast of Mexico.

04/25 to 05/06 Puerto Vallarta to La Paz / Cabo San Lucas**

Fly into Puerto Vallarta and fly out of Cabo San Lucas. Sail and explore Bahia Banderas and north along the Pacific coast into the Sea of Cortez then across to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

05/07 to 05/16 Cabo San Lucas to San Diego***

Fly into Cabo San Lucas and fly home from San Diego. Join us on our final leg of an INNcredible journey that started in early June 2012 in Les Sables France and almost 9000 miles later the INNcredible Sea Lodge arrives for the first time in the USA. We’ll explore the Pacific coast of Baja California as we beat our way up to the first port of entry San Diego.


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